Tuesday, February 17, 2009


On one of my lists, I blocked a person's email address because I found they pushed my buttons too often. I recently unblocked them thinking I was being childish and intolerant. I then had to block them again. I have since had many emails from others who all find that this person pushes the same buttons in them. They all used exactly the same words to describe them. So it isn't just me after all.

The puppies are really a joy at this age. they all like to lick me and they wag their tails furiously. They are developing their own personalities. Bridget is going to be sweet and wild. Carly is sweet but more dignified, Peter is a typical Apso snob and James is soppy. Phoebe is a right little madam, sure of herself and Dexy is going to be a mummy's boy hence he is the one I chose for the Cambridge University woman. Daniel is going to be a rough and tumble type of boy, independent of spirit but who will not be ignored.

The temperature has gone from 0c on Saturday to 10c yesterday and it looks as if today will be the same. Dry which is good.

It is amazing how many people I see when I go to the pool who believe that they are not vulnerable when they use a mobile phone and drive at the same time. Some of them are even driving a juggernaut one handed whilst they chat. Trouble is their belief in the invulnerability is likely to be shattered but by them killing others, not themselves. Our beliefs really do direct our lives.

Today's swim was less painful. I had taken my time release Tramadol and had slept better. I also took 1gm of Paracetamol (Tylenol) when I got up. However, it wasn't enough. I took 50mg of Tramadol (normal not time release) when i got out of the pool. So I know what i shall tomorrow morning, take the 50mg Tramadol before I swim.


knitwych said...

Even though it's annoying to have someone pushing buttons, there's something very gratifying in learning that it's not just you!

I loved your descriptions of the pups! It's amazing how wee furry folk develop such different and strong personalities.

Don't get me started on the driving-while-on-the-phone thing! If I had a dime for every time I've shouted "Hang up and DRIVE, you moron!" I'd be quite well off by now. It doesn't seem that legislation banning cell phone use while driving makes much difference at all - at least here in the US. Sigh.

Glad your swims are getting easier.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Colin,

Been off line for a bit, and just now looking in. The pups (and their pictures) are adorable.

Would like to ask you - why do you need validation on banning someone? Isn't it enough that they bug you? YOU should be important enough to you that you know you do not need to tolerate the aggrevation. Listen to your feelings as well as to your body.

Much love, aj aka banphriosa