Saturday, February 14, 2009



First of all we went to Wisbech. I had to put a cheque in the bank and that is my nearest branch (10 miles away). We then went to Poundland which I love to do. Got household items we needed.
Visited a men's outfitters called Robert Goddard where I saw some lovely red cords not in my size and John saw a very handsome soft suede jacket not in his size. He bought a shirt and I bought nothing.
Later in W. H. Smith he bought mags and the daily paper whilst I bought the second issue of The Knitter. I have to say I am impressed with this magazine even though I declined to buy the first one. I really like the man's slip stitch jumper in this issue.


I didn't go swimming yesterday nor did I go today. I will probably go tomorrow.


As I had not been to the pool for two days, I thought I could manage to walk the dogs. Half way around the walk, I found I was very tired and not very able to move my legs. I had no choice of course but to continue on home. I think John,( no I know ), had a hard time not being too far ahead of me as I slowed to a snail's pace. I hope this was a just a blip and not the way things are now. I have just sat the rest of the day and am now going to bed, knackered.


I have completed the front piece of the garter stitch raglan sweater on the Brother 940 using the garter carriage. I am 20 rows away from the first decrease on the back piece. I am really pleased with this so far.

As for socks, I have knitted up to the gusset increases on one sock and am not far behind that on the second sock.

My Aran back is also now knitted up to the first decrease. This too is a raglan.


We are into the second series of The Tudors. This is excellent, truly. Trouble is they do show executions. Heads being chopped off I can cope with. Burning at the stake or boiling alive I cannot and I leave the room and block my ears until it's over. The guy playing Henry 8th is good looking, mean looking, sleazy looking and very sexy. Good casting I would say. The machinations between him and the Pope etc really shows how idiotic the question of religion and Xtianity is. Not only does the Emperor have no clothes, he never did!

Oh and last night we watched the latest MUMMY film. Greta fun. How come Brendan Frazer is so attractive when he isn't good looking? Nothing about his face fits, yet the whole package works very well.


I had a quiet word with the Almighty and She has promised me that I can have my own space in Her house, well away from the downstairs guests. Seems she hasn't much time for the loud-mouths either. Hates it when they speak for Her and claim to know Her mind. So She says they can jolly well stay put until they change their minds. Not a thing She can do unless they do. Whilst She waits, She has hinted that She'd like to learn the Andersson Heel. Oh, crumbs! KnitPicks or Addi's? Circulars or DPN's?


Anonymous said...

Are you sure the "downstairs guests" would stay if they found out that God was not the Old Man With The Beard? ;o))
After all, if you take Creation literally, you will have a hard time with anybody not sporting that beard or being in a long white flowing robe....
Keep thinking, you have given me inside before and will do so in the future, I feel sure.
As for the Walk... you accept that you are sometimes weak when you go swimming, other days you feel better and accomplish more. Why should it be different with walking?

BammerKT said...

Absolutely LOVED the Tudors, but the Duke of Suffolk is more to my taste. Lucky this way we don't have to fight over the King! I can't bear to see people suffering either. Sometimes I wonder what that means about my personality. I even had to have my husband turn off movies before because of various torture scenes. I know it's not real, but I just can't take it.

Can't wait to see the sweaters and socks. you've been very busy!

Anonymous said...

Let her try them all and make her own decision