Tuesday, February 10, 2009


It is very cold and yet the roads and pavements look as if someone has spilled coffee flavoured Slush Puppy all over the place. The drive to the pool was slippy.

My swim was difficult. I felt weak again. Right now I am freezing cold and my hands are having difficulty typing this. No idea why as I am home and my house is heated well. I get like this for some reason I don't understand. I feel cold from the inside out and it is very hard to get warm.

I will be seeing Elizabeth at 4.10pm as I have now had two letters stating I must go for a check up and blood work. So off I go. I shall ask her about the weakness and the cold.

I finished the sweater and will blog it later.

Not much else really.

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Anonymous said...

Good luck at your check up today.