Thursday, February 19, 2009


I am confused.

I think the least Government control over our lives the better. That should make me a Tory or Republican.

That is what they say they believe.

I don't think it is true.

I think what they mean is that they don't anyone interfering with THEM but they want to control the rest of us.

Why would I think this? Well, it's the Tories/Republicans that are most vociferous about controlling thru law people's private behaviour. Prop 8 for example. It is the Right that wants to limit people's freedom. It is the Right that bangs on abotu morals and God. It is the Right who think they know how we all ought to be. It is the Religious Right who want our freedom removed.

So I do not ally myself with Right.

Then we have the Left. On the surface, it seems they want freedom for all. They will protect my rights, indeed here, they have given me , finally, equal rights with other human beings. Yet they are far too controlling. Day by day we are loosing more and more freedoms. Every area of our life is controlled by Government and it is growing daily.

So I am not of the Left.

It seems no matter which I turn, I'm buggered.

I will say that our think our set up is flawed in the first place. We all live in so called Meritocracies. On the surface this sounds good. On the surface. The trouble is we are not born equal, no matter what we say. And life happens to us in different ways. Meaning, some of us are born handicapped, others become handicapped. Meritocracies only work for those born well and intellectually bright. We can kid ourselves, like the Government here does, that we can all go to University and they are proud that they are providing that opportunity. Yet they do not consider that not all of us have the wherewithal to do that. If we did, who exactly would do the simple jobs like the Dustmen, Road Sweepers, assembly line work etc? Ppeople with degrees? You are kidding right?

And we all know what happens to those who cannot work because of bad health, either from birth or acquired. We get little and are sidelined.

We fool ourselves into believing we are honourable, good, kind people who take care of our fellows. We are proud to say we live freely in countries that allow the freedom to succeed. True. But only if you fit in the box. If not, f*ck you!

Since I am on a roll here, why is it that the most important jobs are the most lowly paid? The previously mentioned road sweepers and dustmen. Nurses. Teachers. Sewer workers. The people who keep society going are those that are looked down upon and paid the least.

Next to parenthood, teaching is the most important profession there is. Yet teachers are derided, paid no where near enough, and are then blamed for the way children turn out! parents, of course, are not to blame at all. The fault always lies elsewhere, never with them. Thanks to that little commandment ' Honour they Father and Thy Mother.' It matters not if they deserve it, you are a sinful brat if you don't. Hence we have the society we deserve.

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