Wednesday, February 25, 2009


This is knitted on the Brother 940 using a Garter Carriage. the design is one of the preprogrammed ones which I altered in Design A Knit.

The tension is 6 and 2 dots, 32 x 48 per 10cm.

I used Forsell's 4ply wool in Antique Gold.

Once again I made it too large for me. I am not as large as I think I am. Anyway, with some trepidation I tumble dried it on hot for 10 minutes. It now fits really well and drapes well too. Shrinking like this does not narrow the piece, just shortens. It does tend to widen it slightly and I assume this is because as the stitches shorten, they widen.

Crew neck with stocking stitch roll.

Raglan seams.

3 x3 ribbing.

Due to the shaping needed and the fact the garter carriage is slow, this took 5 days to make, sewing up included.


Anonymous said...

Colin as ever your knitting is amazing
Judith Ripon NY

fairy godmother said...

Nice sweater! :-)

Iris said...

I absolutely love those necklines with the ribbing topped by stocking. I've never done that and must try it. As always, you are an inspiration.

TracyKM said...

Five days? That might seem slow to you, but to those of us without a garter carriage....
It's beautiful. Very flattering texture design!

LouLou said...

Very nice, Colin, as usual. Pro.
Is this your first raglan?
Did you decrease your raglan every 2 rows? What cam did you use?
I suppose you didn't knit it interactively?
I give my knits a number. What a nice idea to give them names!

Anonymous said...

what is the number of the preprogrammed stitch?
Francoise, Paris

Anonymous said...

I love the new sweater!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

very nice....ok that stitch.

Nicole said...

This is a beautiful sweater. As soon as I can make a scarf on my machine without dropping stitches everywhere, I want to try a sweater:D

Barbara said...

The sweater is lovely. How brave of you to throw it in the
dryer !!!! Isn't it amazing how last ditch measures so often solve a
problem !!!

I really love the garter stitch/stocking stitch pattern in the
sweater. Don't you think it would make a lovely pair of socks? I
can't make it out from
the photo...... does the stitch have a pattern name? If not, will you
share how it is done?

Anonymous said...

Fantastic - what a beautiful sweater and so neatly finished! You put me to shame - I really should actually knit a garment using my GC, instead of just practising different patterns on it LOL!!
Chris, Dallas, Scotland

Jackie said...

The design is great. Very different. Like the centered focused in this way.
Wish I had that much ability.
I guess I will need to come up with something for my grandson on that order.

Yarnhog said...

Lovely job. The color and pattern are both beautiful. I love the roll collar, too.

I've named you for an award! Check my blog for details. :)

Marge said...

Colin that sweater is absolutely gorgeous and flawless. I do admire your
finishing techniques. Well done!

Marg Coe - Omemee, Ont

knitwych said...

That is perfectly beautiful, Colin! You are so talented.

Nancy said...

It's just lovely, Colin, and I really like the rolled neck. I think rolled necks are underused.

Anonymous said...


Your raglan sweater is magnificent. Love the rolled neck for a great finish.


Chris said...

Colin that sweater is just wonderful - how neatly you do them - you certainly put me to shame! So far I have only just practised different patterns on my GC - one of these days I will take a deep breath and try and knit a jumper with it!

Dallas, Scotland

Anonymous said...

What a lovely, sunny color! Wonderful job.


Joyce said...

All your sweaters are great, but this one is especially so. Now I'm
thinking of getting my poor, neglected GC working again. Just need to to
work out a similar pattern for my 910/950.
Thank you so much for sharing and inspiring us.

Raye said...


I hope my son doesn't see this...he'll add it to the list of sweaters
for me to make for him, and move it to the top of the queue

It's fabulous!

Marti said...

That is a wonderful pattern, like the way you center it !!!

Anonymous said...

Colin, that sweater is stunning - wish it was a handknitting pattern. It
would be on my needles as we speak!!!!!!
Linda, No.of Boston and still COLD

Anonymous said...

Its really nice Colin. I like the colour as well.

Well done as usual.


Jan said...

Very nice, Colin --- you did the raglan seams with the FF decreasing?

Gina said...

Really beautiful Colin...I admire you for managing to do a raglan on
the GC, I'm afraid I have a drop shoulder back and front finished and
am now dreading doing the sleeves unless I do decrease every 20
rows :-)

Patt said...

your sweater is gorgeous.

Nikki said...

Gregor is drop dead gorgeous. I would knit it in a heartbeat if there is ever a pattern for hand knitters! Any chance of that??
Nikki Texas

FugueStateKnits said...

Beautiful work - so professionally done!

junieann said...

Colin, the sweater is just great. I would love to be able to knit like that by hand - or machine. In fact, I would like that in pink for myself. It is a unisex design. It takes me Months and months to knit a sweater like that. I really like the stitch. Is there a pattern for handknitting?


Anonymous said...

hi Colin -

yet another gorgeous piece! did you hand-manipulate the sts. or use a g-carriage for the pattern?


Lark said...

Wow, Colin!!! That is really handsome! Lovely job - I was expecting something rather plain when you said "garter stitch raglan", but it's ever so much more than that.


Anonymous said...

Really nice stitch pattern. You said it "took five days including the sewing up". That's a couple of months at least on hand needles.


Anonymous said...

Is the pattern for sale?
Pat in ks

Sylvie said...

Beautiful sweater, I really like that shade of yellow!

You've done a great job!

Mary Beth said...

Simply gaw-geous!!! Love this sweater in every way!!! Thanks for the link to Joe's site too, haven't visited there in a few years and Wow, again, you are absolutely right. Worth checking out :)

Fran said...

As usual an excellent jumper, I adore the colour, havent seen too many
raglans lately but i always thought they sat beautifully......
Good job.........

Anonymous said...

Dear Colin,

Its always a treat to see your work, and this is no exception. You have a real knack for picking colors and patterns, and the finishing work is an art form.

Kudos to you!!


Virginia said...

Beautiful sweater Colin!
Hope you have a "feel good" day tomorrow!!!

Anonymous said...


Just love the sweater! It is superb!

Nadine in FL

Anonymous said...


Just love the sweater! It is superb!

Nadine in FL

Anonymous said...

Colin, a most beautiful sweater. I love the colour and also the stitch
pattern. Now it is shorter it might fit me, do you think? (big smile).

Ann in Norfolk

Nancy said...

Geez Colin - That is such a Classy & Classic looking sweater. Amazing. And the color is gorgeous I'm sure you're very proud of it. Thanks for sharing. Best wishes, Nancy

Christa said...

Colin,that is one fantastic piece of Art. You know how to water one's

ciao ciao

A Little Knottie said...

OMG! You need a superb button, or at least a love button. I love that sweater- well, I haven't seen anything of yours that I didn't at the very minimum like a lot.

suzibee said...

Extremely interesting stitch pattern. Thumbs up!