Friday, February 06, 2009

God Save Us

From this type of Xtian!

Try this one too.

And this one really shows the darkness in her. The next one is shocking to me and I am stunned that people really think like this and think they are holier than thou! Her thinking is no different to The Taliban and every other evil fascist fundy on the planet, whether they call themselves Xtian, Muslim, Jew, Hindu or by another name. These people are those who leech the light right out of this world.

This is the type of person who used to watch and cheer when non believers and other sinners were burned alive. Now they just smile in the way that does not light up the eyes.

And this belief is a modern invention.

Isn't self righteousness a sin?
(Tho I think her self-righteousness is the least of her to be concerned about.)
How about this quote? May it encourage and inspire you to be thankful for the many (undeserved) blessings you enjoy today!

This poor woman must have suffered greatly and be truly fearful to have allowed her heart to darken so


BammerKT said...

"This poor woman must have suffered greatly and be truly fearful to have allowed her heart to darken so"

This is very perceptive of you and I believe that the compassion it shows for a person so twisted up shows that you are so much further evolved. I do feel sorry for people who live in this belief. It must be awful for them.

Anonymous said...

Sanctimonious fools!

Nan said...

Wow, you came upon a real lulu there, Colin. Perhaps the saddest thing is that these folks seem to have ignored or reinterpreted everything Jesus is quoted as saying.

Years ago, there was a man downtown with a big tall sign on a pole and a megaphone. His sign was a long list of every category of human that were going to hell. Not surprisingly, the only folks not on the list were people who agreed with his opinion. I used to walk by shaking my head and wondering if he had actually read the Gospels. I seem to remember the Jesus said, "Judge not, lest you be judged." I suppose he believed he had nothing to be judged about. But, more likely, he cherry-picked parts of the Hebrew Scriptures that supported his own ugly convictions.

FuguesStateKnits said...

Oh dear, I fear I was a bit too vocal in my comments at that site....

Betty Ann said...

This was so funny!! Thanks for sharing it.

Unknown said...

She really is in bad shape. Her thinking is very twisted. She must be very sad. What worries me is that there is a parent or a preacher somewhere who put these twisted thoughts in her head and no one was there to help her see how destructive and NON-Christian this interpretation of the Bible is.

knitwych said...

Good grief! As many rabid Xtian fundies as I've dealt with (which is a LOT, given that I live in the U.S. Bible Belt), you'd think I would have got beyond the capacity to be surprised. But, no, this one's surprising. I think you're right - there's a lot of darkness there.

I always find it so interesting that when a candidate the rabid fundies likes gets into office, it was God who put them there. I've had people of this ilk tell me that God chooses who gets elected. (I think it was Bush 1.0's campaign - or possibly Reagan's - who claimed that God is a Republican. I wanna see that voter card!) Anyway, these same folks get quite red-faced and snarly when you suggest to them that if God chooses the outcome of the election, then it must have been God who chose the person they didn't want in office.

Anonymous said...

What a scary blog to read-to think that people with those views are entitled to vote at all-let alone be chosen to "serve" on a jury which can decide the fate of another human being fills me with horror. Really, I feel a dreadful sense of fear when I hear the rantings of any extremist.
I am so grateful that I live in Britain.
It has been a thought provoking week for many reasons...Carol Thatcher didn't get away with her racist remarks, nor should she, the fact that she is "barking" and doesn't live on the same planet as most of us should never excuse such dreadful behaviour.
Whoa,have just read what I've written....I feel a rant coming on!
Lovely sweater Colin!
Speak soon-keep snug and warm.
Marilyn x

Anonymous said...

I am constantly saddened by the hatred and vitriol I see pouring forth from those who call themselves Christians. More and more of late, it seems the teachings of the Christ are perverted and twisted into a hateful, vile perversion of his teachings. Shouldn't be surprised, though, given the history of the religion and its persecution of those who fail to conform. Amazing, isn't it, given the origins of the church as a persecuted cult?

And Iris---LOVED your comment!!!

Lia Nord said...

Oh, dear. This reminds me so much of the debate going on right now because the pope just revoked the excommunication of Williamson, who denies that the Holocaust took place; in addition the pope just promoted an Austrian bishop who said that Katrina was God's punishment of New Orleans for being so sinful. I'm not against the pope--but it's scary that this ultra conservative faction seems to be taking over (or trying to). This Pius Brotherhood is very frightening.

Anonymous said...

I have to say, I don't think I've ever been so afraid of someone in my life. What a nutter.

I think I'll go make some peanut butter cookies!

kshotz said...

I've sat here writing and re-writing several tirades against such extremist fundamentalism. I do not know what makes people turn their faith into such zealous terrorism. It sickens me.

Kim in IA

Anonymous said...

I found it funny (not really) that people said Katrina was punishment for New Orleans being such and evil place. Have any of them happened to think that one of the places saved was the French Quarter-which is pretty much where the "sin" takes place!! Melinda

joannamauselina said...

Those right-wing wackos are nauseating. I thought Fugestate's comment on her site was very apt.

joannamauselina said...

Those right-wing wackos are nauseating. I thought Fugestate's comment on her site was very apt.

Anonymous said...

I'm a passer-by. Happen to be Xtian but the posts from the few other 'xtians' posted there does not represent other 'xtians'.
I'm shocked and so disgusted to the core at such irresponsible posting. No, not your posting, Colin.