Thursday, February 12, 2009

Todays' Life

I feel much better today and have awoken in a better frame of mind. I have only just started to feel sore this last half hour after having dealt with the puppies and dogs. I slept from 11.30pm to 8.30am though the last hour or so was dozing. The important thing is, I only became aware of my hips towards the end of my stay in bed and I got out of bed with little trouble. It looks as if the slow release Tramadol works.

I am still afraid of this drug. I am concerned about tolerance, dependence or addiction to it. I have not found any sensible information about it, only horror stories on web sites from people who say they got horribly hooked and had terrible side effects. I have no side effects whatsoever. None. Which is unusual for me. It just lessens the pain. Speaking about it to the chemist only resulted in me being told 'well, you aren't going to stop taking it since your health will get worse not better, so it doesn't matter.' I did not find that helpful to say the least!

I shall go swimming later today. I shall also got later tomorrow. Now I only need to go early on Tuesday and Wednesday. Saturday I will leave out and let Sunday be optional. I think 5 days a week will be enough.

I am about to start the garter stitch sweater on the Brother 940 using the Garter Carriage today. I am pleased with it.

I have managed a fair bit of my Aran too. I am only on 6 row repeat away from decreasing for the armhole. This is the second piece, the back, so it won't be long now till I start on the sleeves.

I found the quote below by following a link on an email. It comes from Heathwitch's site. The quote is really good and encapsulates my life and thought.

“We all want to be free. That is human nature. We want to be free from pain and suffering and limitations. If we look deeply into our hearts, we know what we want; we are in love with the condition of liberation. Our pain is the feeling of alienation or separation from our Beloved, which is this freedom … But finding true nature is not for the timid. It requires courage and a sense of adventure, a fearless heart, and optimistic strength.” — Hameed Ali

PS: if I make a dental appointment I will need help to remember it. Even writing it in my planner will not work because I forget to look at it. I have made an appointment at 8.30am to see my Doctor at 11am and I have forgotten to go! So I was thinking I could write the date and time of it here on my blog and maybe someone would remember it and remind me. I hope that isn't too cheeky a thing to ask.


BammerKT said...

Yay for a good night's sleep. It makes a huge difference, doesn't it? I hope you find mor information that's helpful on the new drug!

Anonymous said...

Hi Colin, so glad that you had a good night's sleep and that you feel better today.
When I need a special reminder I programme it into my 'phone. This gives me an "alarm" note at the time I select on that particular day.
I've got a Nokia 'phone, but expect all makes have this facility.
Hope this helps.
Marilyn x

WereGrouch said...

You can send me an e-mail or write the time and date on your blog, and I will send you a reminder.

FuguesStateKnits said...

Happy to remind you, but I'd have to find someone to remind me to remind you - I AM an older twisted sister, you know!
On the other hand, were we in the same time zone - I might seriously be able to help!