Monday, February 16, 2009


I went swimming this morning which found I physically difficult. It hurt. I fully expected to have a great deal of trouble when i got out but I didn't. It seems today the actual swimming was what hurt. I came home and determined that I would pick up dog do which |I have not been able to do because it has been frozen to the ground. I managed it but it was more difficult picking up loose wet do as it is now!

I also sat in front of my 10,000 lux light for 30 minutes. I had forgotten to do this recently and it is possibly why I have not been up to my usual good spirit.

I got a lovely surprise in that my dear friend Marilyn came to visit me and she brought me a beautiful bunch of Tulips. How she knew I liked Tulips I don't know. She didn't, it was just one of those gut things. I wish she could have stayed longer but I had to throw her out as my energy went and I need to go to bed. I did and slept for an hour and 15 minutes.

I will bath dogs later after I have killed my f***ing mobile which keeps telling me I have a text. It is downstairs and I am up here!


Anonymous said...

Hi Colin-it was really great to see you today-you look really, really well.
I'm so glad that you liked the tulips-a breath of Spring-just as seeing you today was a tonic for me-you're a very special person in my life.
Speak soon x

Anonymous said...

Lucky Marilyn to get to see you at all! She sounds like such a lovely person.

Don't you just love mobile phones?