Thursday, February 05, 2009

The Third Day

I completed knitting my wine coloured cashmere sweater yesterday on my SK830. I have sewn one sleeve head in so far. I took my time and listened to music whilst I did. No point trying to watch tv as I need to concentrate and also to see well, which means not wearing my glasses so I can't see the tv anyway!

Last evening, my neighbours son, Michael, went with me to Tesco as I needed to shop and I knew that today would be out because of snow. The weather men were correct. Michael frequently goes with me to the supermarket if I need to go mid week. He does all the fetching and carrying.He is very helpful and intuitively so. He knows without having to be asked what needs to be done.

This is my third day of not swimming. I hope to be going tomorrow. I have enjoyed the rest although I did not sleep well last night. I am wondering if maybe I need to cut down the number of days that I swim or cut down on the number of laps and keep the days the same. It has certainly occurred to me that maybe it is my getting up at 5.50am and swimming a mile by 8am that is knackering me. I forget that my illness is not just about pain but I have limited energy too. It seems that I have been so intent of doing the swimming that everything else has fallen away because I am just too tired for much else.

Not bad for 62 is he?

Yes, imagine having seven this size hanging on your tits.

View from my bedroom window this morning.

Three of the dogs in action. Strangely, they came in dry.

Below is my car.


jennifer said...

I enjoy your blog and love the pups. I would like to see your garden with no snow, your fence is just what I would like. All your sweaters are quite beauitful. I can't get a good fit so I mainly knit for the gkids. The shoes are to die for. Jennifer(Canada)

Lydee said...

love the garden gate and fence! it has good winter appeal also.
cute pups. there's a reason we women were only born with two tits. :-) um, 7? I don't think so, lol!
Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

When did you move to Virginia? Dogs just love snow! Once, many years ago, I owned a half border collie, half German Shepherd/Wolf mix in Wyoming (best dog ever!). Anyway, we used to have 30 inches of snow on the ground at once and she'd act like a dolphin, diving in and under the snow in one place and coming up again about 5 feet later. She'd go until the snow packed and she couldn't go any further. She made it treacherous for humans walking on the top, though. The tunnels would collapse. Fudge would sit there and watch. I swear she was laughing.

You're right about John. He's a lovely 62! He has a bit of a pensive look in that pic.

I love your photos! Thank you for posting them and thank you for showing the snow in your lovely back yard.

Yarnhog said...

John is gorgeous! (Don't tell him if it will give him a big head, though.) How come he doesn't have grey hair? I have grey hair and I'm not even forty!

I love the snowy pictures. I miss snow. I miss cold weather. When I was a kid, we had rain and cold, but no longer. It's hard not to believe the world is warming up when you go outside in the middle of February and it looks and feels just like summer.

Nan said...

I would have never guessed he was 62. I'm with Yarnhog, those of us with premature gray hair take umbrage! Thank goodness for L'oreal.

Anonymous said...

I do hope your neighbor's son shovels you out.

As to the dogs coming in dry. If the snow is fine dry powder it wont stick to their coats. Do check their paws though for ice chunks if the snow keeps up.