Sunday, February 08, 2009


Imagine being able to eat as much as you like, laze around all day and still have a fit toned body.

Imagine being as mean and as rude as you like and still be popular and loved.

Imagine being as reckless as you choose to be, drive your car down a busy road at 70 mph and survive unscathed.

Imagine jumping tall buildings and not being hurt.

Imagine being really stupid and yet still being rich.

Imagine never feeling depressed, no matter how negative your thinking is . You certainly won't be depressed because anything bad happens to you.

Imagine never dying. Yes, that's right. You will never die. Your body will last forever.

These are just a few of the benefits of believing that Jesus died and PAID for your sins. You can do and think as you please and suffer no consequences. How about that? And remember, you shall never die, because 'the wages of sin is death' shall not apply to you because Jesus already paid your debt.

Imagine being perfect, free from the consequences of all your actions and thoughts.

Imagine being alone.


CP Warner said...

Spot on as usual, my friend! I think if I had to share Heaven with the likes of some of the people whose blogs you've linked to recently, I would rather that there was nothing at all waiting for me in the afterlife.

That woman whose blog I skimmed yesterday...Jaysus! They breed and they walk among us. That's even scarier than the state of the economy!

Nan said...

As a friend of mine always used to say "There are more of them running around loose than locked up."

And for the life of me, I can't remember Jesus ever saying that the arrogant were his favorite people. In fact, I believe he said just the opposite. There are many Christians who actually try to live his teachings and then there are the others.