Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I slept better last night as I was not woken up by pain. I got about six hours. This doesn't mean I didn't get up to pee of course!

My swim went well. On the way back, I took the main road as the temperature was -2c and the roads were white looking, as they were when I left home.

THREE cars were off the road and in the dyke. What is the betting that they were all driven by men who believed they were much better drivers than they were and that they were superior beings so icy roads would pose no threat to their masculinity?

I have swatched up a garter stictch design for a sweater, using the Brother 940, my own design and the Garter Carriage, otherwise known as the Turtle.


BB said...

hi Colin, Long time no comment from me but I'm back now. Like the pink stripe on the jumper and glad your new pain meds let you get 6 hours heavy zeds. take care

marilyn said...

So glad that you had a better night, Colin.
The roads here were awful too this morning-walking the dog at 6.20am before leaving for work at 7.30 was not something that I relished!
I travel across country to work-I had some stupid bloke up my bumper on black serenity was broken for a few minutes!!!
Marilyn x