Monday, February 23, 2009


Today I will probably finish a pair of socks and a garter stitch sweater which is part sewn up. I have started on another garter stitch sweater and am up to armhole son front piece. I shall use set in sleeves for this one.

We are down to 4 puppies which makes the pen look a little empty but 4 are more easily manageable. When I took Shameless to visit William, I knew I wanted 2 girls and a boy from any resulting litter and I said so. I got what I wanted! Not only that, but in Carly and James I go the additional qualities I was looking for in the type I like. Little Dorrit is just one my gut tells me to keep so I am. I plan to breed her to Whitney's dad, Luke, when she has matured.

Last nights service was difficult to say the least. Only one of the communications went smoothly. I find it hard to deal with dozy people. yet a the same time, I am aware that if I could have communicated in a different way, perhaps it all would have been clearer. I had to stop on the last one. The communicator was a young woman who died as the result of an accident. She told me she was unconscious when she died and had not been aware. I described how she normally looked, her colouring etc. She also told me that had been much aggro about her passing, it's manner and much ill feeling and blame all accepted as true. Then she said that a man had not been with her when she died. I couldn't get who she meant but knew it was a significant man in her life. I said this and it was rejected. I asked the communicator again and got the same answer. It was still rejected. At this point I had to stop the service. I told the woman receiving the message that either I was misunderstanding or she would realise who she meant. She spoke with me afterwards. It transpired that her partner was not thereat the time of her death because he was already dead. For some reason the woman receiving the message did not think was significant enough to warrant mentioning!!!!(they had both died in a vehicle accident, the man dying there and then, she somewhat later. She also said she had been unaware. She was unaware because she had been sleeping when the accident occurred and had not woken up but went str8 into a coma from which she did not communication !

I woke up cold last night which is weird as the heating was on and the temp outside was not too low, abotu 5c. I did fall asleep with only my long sleeves thermal top on but under a duvet. Still, I woke up cold and had to get properly dressed before going back to sleep. I have woken today feeling tired and sore so I am NOT going to the pool.


Annick said...

Definitely,I won't neer be a breeder Colin ! I would be so sad to let all these cute puppies go.... they are so nice.

Anonymous said...

Some doctors recommend that people who are easily chilled begin sleeping in a sleeping bag. For some reason it keeps them warmer.