Monday, October 05, 2009


I thought that as I was home by 4pm yesterday, that I rested, and did plenty of drugs, I'd be okay for my swim today. No. Today will be a nothing doing day as usual after a dog show. At least I was able to get out of bed on my own!

It was cold last night and the first night we have had the heating on all night.

My dogs are so funny. It is real pleasure to get home and have them greet me with such enthusiasm. Luque goes nuts and he howls. Whitney does too if she has been left. They are father and daughter and both are vocal but not yappy. None of my dogs are barkers. I don't allow it. The dogs also greet eachother if , like on show days, one or two have been away and the others left at home. That is very cute to watch too.

I have to sit down and let them greet me otherwise they are in danger of knocking me over. I speak to them of course and I guess I wouldn't want that recorded! In fact pretty much most of my conversation with my dogs I'd prefer not to be recorded.

Some people must think I am stupid or they don't see how transparent they are. On THAT list someone wrote in to say how much like another well known pattern my new pattern is. They both have k2togethers and that is about the only similarity. You think they could have waited till my sock was completed before charging in with this veiled accusation? I had, in my original message, made it clear that I had tweaked a pattern I had taken from a stitch dictionary.

I once got an email, supposedly full of praise, but actually accusing me of plagiarising someone else's method for sock construction. The email was, they wrote, from someone who was blind. I didn't respond.

I think some people are very insecure and the idea that a man might be good at what is, wrongly, perceived as 'women's work', seems to bring out the worst in them.

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