Saturday, October 03, 2009


I settled on a design for my next pair. It took a few frogs before I settled on this and kept it in my head. It turned out to be a simple pattern, different from what I started with, but more in keeping with the image I had of what I wanted. The needle is a Knit Pro (Picks) 2.25mm. The yarn is by Lana Grossa and it is part of the Meilenweit (Uni) range.
These two pictures are my drugs, two months worth. I get all of these for free. they alleviate suffering and keep me alive or ratehr lessen the risk of sudden death. If I have understood correctly, the majority of Americans would rather see me suffer and die than provide medical care for all.
I was up at 5.30am today. I am off to a dog show tomorrow morning and need to be up at 2 am so I always get up early the day before to help me be tired by the 7am bed time.

There is a possibility that we won't be going to the show. There are weather warnings out for today of high winds. It is already very windy. Tomorrow is supposed to be settled and cold. We will wait and see.

I have another show on Thursday deep in the wilds of Wales and then the 40th Anniversary show of The Lhasa Apso Club (the first UK club). Then I have a couple of weeks off till the last show of this month.I have one more in November. There is another November show and two more in December but I am probably going to stay at home.

The dogs amuse me. They each have their own cage. They are kept in them when I ma out or in bed or any time I need them to be safe and out of the way. Mostly, they do as they please. When I came up here to the pc, I was closing gates so that none could get at my knitting. I noticed all was quiet and took a peak and there each dog was, in their own cage, sleeping with their heads hanging out. to them, their cage is their den. At dinner time, they all go rushing into their beds. Any time I say 'bed' they do the same. It is quite a thing to see. Seven dogs each going to the right bed. It's like watching a Red Arrow display team.

I am reading the new Dan Brown novel, The Lost Symbol. We have it in hardback because John had to read it for work. I am enjoying the book. I think he knows hoe to write a thriller.

I used to read a couple of books a week. Now, no matter how much I am enjoying the book, I don't read more than a few pages each night before I fall asleep. I go to be bed early to give me at least an hour's reading time but it doesn't work. I fall asleep!

Speaking, (okay writing) of sleep, I am sleeping better recently. Waking up less, getting up less often and not had any spasms since last weekend. That weekend was rough. Very little sleep and no matter what I did, I awoke all over again with my rib cage in spasm. My usual trick of propping myself up on the horseshoe shaped pillow didn't help.

It has been a much better week with regard to fatigue. I have changed my swimming routine. I know get to the pool for the last half hour of the Early Bird session which finishes at 9am. This gives me enough time to do half the amount of laps I am used to. I have done it 4 times this week. I feel satisfied with this. I have at last stopped fighting and accepted that my days of 1mile a day, 7 days a week have gone. I don't know why other than my illness is progressive and I guess this is what that means. I think if it was just a blip, I'd have been able to go back to that ages ago. instead I have struggled with this issue for a year. no matter how much I forced myself, went to bed earlier, made other adjustments, I just could not get back to that amount of swimming. As a result I put on 7lbs in weight. Not from lack of swimming but because I made myself weak and miserable and exhausted and thus how I ate took a turn for the worse. I am back on track now.

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