Saturday, October 24, 2009


Having convinced myself that yesterday's show would not be a good one, I was wrong. Whitney won her 6th Challenge Certificate and went on to win Best of Breed. In the group, she was in the final cut of 7. She has won BOB 4 times now and each time in the group she was in the final 7, with one 3rd placing and one 4th. This is very good, especially as she is black and not yet 2 years old.]
My waistcoat went down well. It was remarked by more than one person that I was dressed more conservatively than usual! Oh and I also took the comment of one of the people who comments on Midland Counties and I wore odd gloves too! One pink and one yellow, to match the boots. I wore them on opposing hands, meaning the pink on the opposite hand to the pink foot.
Today I am knackered and very sore of course. I didn't get to sleep until midnight as it took that long to wind down and for the pk's to work. I then managed to sleep 6 hours without waking. I stayed dozing in bed or another 3 before attempting to get up.
Today is sock washing day. I think there are now too many for one wash. I also need another sock basket.

Oh and I must tell about my very posh friend, whom I love dearly. She SWORE yesterday1 And she used one of my very rude but favourite sayings 'f*cking tw*t'. I was shocked! This is like hearing the Queen swear. (my friend has that sort of English accent .)The look of sheer delight on her face when she said it. She repeated it too! I didn't know I was such a corrupting influence! I can just imagine how her children would react if they heard it! It was very funny anyway.
This friend of mine I am very fond of. She is a delight to know.
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