Sunday, October 04, 2009


It was very cold and windy and although I wore my thermal vest and hose, I froze. The judge wasn't enamoured with Whitney and she was 4th. That is the way dog showing is. Up one minute, down the next. Not all judges know what they are looking at.

My comment re the USA health care drew only one outlandish and angry comment. Not bad going is it that! (as they say up north).

How it works here: those who work all pay National Insurance. The more one earns the more one pays. It doesn't break anyone. And EVERYONE gets medical care and drugs. No it isn't perfect, but we do not have people go bankrupt to pay for treatment, no one is denied treatment, no one is afraid to go to the hospital or doctor for money reasons.

The imperfections in our system, the idiocies, the unfairness, and all of that, exist, but they are nothing compared to what we know of the USA system-from Americans who have suffered through it or because of it.

There is nothing intrinsicly wrong with everyone who works contributing to healthcare for themselves and everyone else. John has paid the contributions all of his life. He is now 62. Until recently, he never took any benefit from it because his health was always good. I on the other hand have never been well enough to work and have not paid any contributions but have received much healthcare provision and financial benefits. some people object to that strongly. I can only assume they think people like me should be put down.

What about those born with longer term health issues, Cystic fibrosis for example? Here they would still live a good life and would not be broke paying for treatment, or not get it because they could not afford to.

John cannot pay insurance for me as someone suggested. Even now that we have Civil Partnerships (marriage under another name), he still couldn't.

I cannot get private health insurance because of my health problems. Even if I could, it does not cover the cost of drugs.

The person who suggests I know nothing of the USA system knows nothing about me. I know it is true that millions have no healthcare provision. I personally know Americans who go without medical needs because of the lack of money and also those who go bankrupt due to health costs. Not everything about the USA is wonderful and to suggest that those of us who see that are mad, bad, and dangerous is plain silly and does nothing to enhance anyone's view of the American people. I know for a fact some of you are quite nice with working brains. ;-)

In a private email, I was taking it all in until it got the part about Mr President Obama being a Marxist.....then I sort of got that look one gets when one realises the person one is talking with is away with the fairies.

Do try and play nice if you are going to leave comments. As the top of my blog page says, I don't censor if you have a different viewpoint. So when some choose to make claims that I 'won't publish this' they do so in the certain knowledge that they do not know me but make assumptions anyway. Really, if you are going to make judgements about me, one should at least have a rudimentary knowledge of me! Don't you think? I will censor if you are abusive, make ad hominem attacks, and some sail pretty close to the wind in that respect. I don't find it necessary to attack you in order to share my thoughts,or disagree with you, so please feel free to do likewise.

I am so glad I do not suffer from Patriotism. The one indoctrination I managed to escape. It is, like all indoctrination, nothing but harmful.

I heard someone say yesterday that all human beings are the same, it is only our beliefs that separate us. How true and simply put. I also liked Yarnhog's 'the difference between conservatives and progressive's is that conservatives base their politics upon the fear people are bad, and that progressives base theri's on the hope people are good.' Short and to the point. Thanks Yarnhog.
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