Sunday, October 25, 2009


Frequently here in the UK there is media discussion about euthanasia. At present, it is illegal, as is assisted suicide. Many people from here have gone to Dignitas in Switzerland to end their suffering. Those who accompany them are open to prosecution.

Those who agree that my right to end my life should remain withheld by law, lie. Why? They trot out the same arguments time and time again. The most pernicious lie being that no one need die in pain with good palliative care. NONSENSE. Even my Doctor, also a practising Christian, will tell you that over 30% people do not have their pain relieved by medicine.

I know of someone whose only pain relief was to have her spinal cord cut so she could not feel. She spent her time time dying unable to move. Now wasn't that a loving to do? Pish!

Then you get the argument from those with disabilities (I am one) who argue that if we allow people to have their rights respected, to be truly loved and cared for, and therefore be helped to die when the time is right and of OUR choosing, it will leave it open for people to go around killing people, especially the disabled, willy nilly. Bollocks.

Quite simply, if I choose to end my life, and I need help to do so, and I have someone willing to help me, then that is my RIGHT. By changing the law one is only giving me BACK my rights! As it is, in a democracy where Human Rights are supposedly sacrosanct, this right has been taken away.

This is my only fear about dying. That I will fall into the hands of control freaks who will insist I die in pain just so that their own ideas are held up.
If you believe it is wrong to end your own life, for whatever reason, fine by me. But how DARE you force that belief on to me and on to others? If I allowed one of my dogs to suffer and die the way many people are forced to, I would be prosecuted for cruelty, and rightly so.

There are those of a religious persuasion who say that euthanasia is playing God. well, so is all medical intervention if you think like that. Next time you have a an infection, don't take the antibiotics and take your chances. Need a bypass? Don't have it. Do not interfere with God's plan. Lets go back to the days of very high infant mortality, when children were lucky to live till 15 years old, and where life expectancy meant that I am ancient at 50!

The present laws are cruel and inhumane. Those of us who wish the laws to be changed are not asking for special treatment, just that our right to determine our own lives be restored to us.

I enjoy my life and I have no present intention of ending it. However, I see no 'greater good' in dying painfully and without dignity. By that I mean I see nothing to be gained by needing to be cared for as a baby again, to be unable to function, or think, or make my own decisions.

Oh and the way things stand now, the only way to end your life without involving anyone else, is to end it whilst there is still plenty of good life to be had because one would have to do it whilst one is sure one can without help. So those who deny us this help are effectively making sure we have shorter lives. So much for their belief in life.

The idea that someone I love will be left to die horribly is appalling to me. It DOES happen. I know it does. I have seen it. No amount of care and drugs can stop it. Have you thought what it must be like to vomit your own faeces because you have bowel cancer and it can't pass thru the normal way? Have you thought about the agony of growths inside your bones? What sort of God or person would think this is a good way to die? Or think that is how it must be?
Then of course, without medical interference, many would die long before the agony got that high.

Removing a person's right to determine their own life is a crime. To do so based on your own ideas of a God or Life is arrogant beyond belief. It is not your business, but mine.

It is my life and I have the inalienable right to do with it as I please with the caveat that I do not encroach on the rights of others to live theirs without being harmed by me or others.
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