Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I had a call from my former therapist at the weekend. Yes, we still keep in touch, 10 years after I stopped being his client. I was for five years. He has become the good father figure I never had. He made a promise to me when he first became my therapist that he would be there 24/7 for me always. He kept his word. I needed him to be at first. This man never once told me there was anything wrong with me, he never labelled me, diagnosed me. He just let me be and talk about what I needed to talk about and guided me. He suggested, gently, reading matter. I'd read and discuss. He followed the 'client centred' approach. I still am appalled that Carl Rogers had to come up with this as a theory for therapy!!!! Any moron should know it has to be client centred!

Anyway, this man saved my sanity, if not my life. I am where I am today because of him. His coming into my life was foretold to me by a complete stranger, a couple of years previously. They had described him and told me the car he he drove. I took no notice until the day R. came to my home having been called by John, I think, because I was having severe flashbacks. It was as he was leaving that I noticed the car and the foretelling came back to me. At the time, I thought it was nonsense. The person me told that the man he was describing would alter my life completely. He was correct.

I have woken up late to wet and dull weather. I didn't go to the pool. I knew when I awoke during the night for the 4th time I would not be going. Too sore today. And too tired. This not sleeping more than a coupel of hours at a time, and dreaming when I do, is a pain.

I have been watching the second series of Damages. I am surprised to find myself doing so because after watching the first, I decided I didn't like it. there were no pleasant characters, no one to empathise with, no one to support. However, it is riveting! So I am watching it and enjoying it and wanting to know what happens next. I found out that my local Blockbuster rents the whole season out for the week for just £6.
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