Wednesday, October 07, 2009


I am appalled, really upset.

It's a given that I'd be upset and outraged that a man in his 40's plied a child of 13 with booze and drugs and then raped her, vaginally and anally.

What has really got to me is those people who are calling for him to be freed, who are making light of his crime, some of them don't even think what he did was 'rape. I am very sad that Whoopee Goldberg is one of them. I am stunned she would think such a thing, let a lone say it. She has a daughter!!!! What if Polanski had done that to her child when she was 13? 

From court testimony it is clear the child was not a willing party to this crime. even if she were it was still CHILD ABUSE.

For f*ck's sake, why oh why do people still not get this? What part of an adult man having sex with a 13 year old could possibly be okay? Do these people have low IQ's? If only one could blame lack of intelligence. They clearly are not lacking mental capacity.

They do seem to be lacking in compassion and understanding. They seem unable to see children for what they are - children who are DEPENDENT upon adults to protect them. Some of these Polanski supporters have children. How dreadful that their own children now know that their own parents don't think children who are abused are innocent. God help any of them should they have suffered abuse in the past or the future. They cannot rely on their own parents to believe them or not to blame them.

Some of these people are people whose work I have enjoyed. I will never be able to see them again without knowing what they have done. I feel betrayed. They certainly have betrayed that child, now a woman, and their own and every other child. 

I am so shocked by this I can scarcely believe this has happened.

No this is not about revenge. It is about POLANSKI being held accountable for what he did. It is about saying to that child, to all children and to all adults that what he did was WRONG. There are no excuses. It was wrong. 

The fact he is a Holocaust survivor and that his poor wife was murdered so horrifically does not mean that he did not commit an evil CRIME and that we should not hold him accountable for it. 

I do not advocate locking him up and throwing away the key. i advocate only that he be made accountable, that he be made to see that what he did was WRONG and for him to admit this, sincerely, in public. He also needs to apologise unreservedly to the 13 year old child that still exists inside the 39 year old woman. Despite the the compassion that 39 year old woman has shown Polanksi, the 13 year old still is owed this.

I am sickened by what he did and I am sickened by those who have sought to excuse him. I am almsot more angry at them than I am at him.

As I have said many times before child abuse would not happen without the consent of others. This clearly shows this to be so.
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