Thursday, October 22, 2009

Midland Counties

This is my outfit for tomorrow. The waistcoat just arrived yesterday from Jan at Waistcoats Unlimited. She made it for me from material I sourced on Ebay. I am very pleased with it.

I am not sure if I am actually going to the show tomorrow. I have arranged to call  my friend Angie, with whom I always travel, later if I am still unwell. She will then take Whitney for me and I have arranged for another friend to show her for me. Assuming Whitney will, of course.

I had a really bad night with pain and had to sleep sitting up again. Today, I have cramps in my gut and ribs. It started again whilst I was swimming but was just my ribs then. Now it is my guts and really painful. It is possible I have a bug or it is an IBS flare.

I do feel tired and like I just want to sleep and couldn't be bothered about the show. At the same time, I am hoping to feel better later so that I can go!
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