Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I knitted these using Lana Grossa Meilenweit wool/cotton/nylon/PBT blend. (The PBT is elastic type). The pattern is one I adapted from a lace pattern in a stitch dictionary by Lesley Stansfield. I used Knit Pro 2.25mm circs, one for each sock, knitted simultaneously. I would have preferred to use 2mm but was concerned abotu fit. The repeat is 10 sts plus 1 and 18 rounds. I am happy with these. I used M1 by lifting bar between between sts. There are of course holes, very small ones, and this is not a lace pattern as the original one was. I also changed position of knit and purl sts, specifically when making new ones. The originally had them all as knit sts and chose to make purl ones when appropriate.  Overall, I am pleased with these socks. Oh, and I used the Knit Pro as the very pointed tit made the work easier. All knit sts were knitted tbl.
Please note that I really try to please all and in that light, any flaws errors, or similarities to other people's projects are there to please those who like to find fault. 

I have been wondering if to blog about this but I feel so bad I feel the need to get it out. I will try to leave specifics out of it. I got an enormous shock today. A financial one. This could have meant losing our home. Only luck has prevented that. A bequest is coming and it is large enough to prevent the worst happening. All this because IRS letters were ignored because they were too 'scary to deal with' and after 8 years of ignoring, and keeping me in the dark, I discover this stupidity and the huge amount of fines. From the initial £100 to £16,084. We could have lost our home, everything. Only by someone dying have we been saved and the fact the probate is done with and the cheque is in the post. Despite knowing we are not falling in a black hole, I feel devastated by this severe breach of trust. I feel as though I have no one in my life I can trust.

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