Thursday, October 29, 2009


I took Carly on her own to dog training last night. I discovered that she likes titbits. She was much more outgoing with people last night too and allowed people to touch her. We got the 'judge' to give her a treat before going over her and that really helped. I think Carly will come back to her normal self in due course. I do hope so as she is excellent quality and could do as well as Whitney.

I got though the worst yesterday and by the time I had returned for dog club the cravings had ceased. Today I awoke feeling much better. I haven't need to take it since Saturday but I have noticed that I must be sure to have eaten before I take morphine or it gives me the munchies in the same way that MJ does.

I have ordered three knitting books. The Vogue sock book and the Cookie a sock book. Also, from the USA, a book about twisted stitch knitting. I found a large cone of 80% wool 20% viscose in camelish colour that I think will be ideal for a twisted stitch jumper as it will hold the definition well.

I do not have a show until the 15th and I am glad of the break. I have one show at the beginning of December, two in January and I think that is it until April.
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