Monday, October 12, 2009


We went to the 40th anniversary show of The Lhasa Apso Club yesterday. We took Whitney, Carly, and Luque. Luque was only there for his eye test, which he passed.

Whitney was 3rd in Open Bitch, the largest class of the day. I was surprised as I really thought the judge would not place her at all. Whitney also didn't put her usual all into showing. She was fed up. I have been told it is because of her hormones. Her tits are large and pink and it is almost time she would have puppies if she had been mate don her last season. Having not been showing regularly until 3 years ago, I haven't really noticed bitches moods change with the seasons. It explains to me why Whitney is different in her mood recently.

There is a couple, well known in the dog world and in our breed. The lady is 85 and the husband about 80. Anyway, she does say she wants. She collared me yesterday and told she did not like my orange outfit as it made me look like the dustman! Obviously her dustman in her area wear orange overalls. I pointed out that I am was fairly sure that her dustmen did not wear white floral patterned Doc Martens. Was I offended? No. I thought it was very funny.

Now I am sure you are wondering why I wore the orange outfit again. I didn't. At the last minute on Thursday, I changed my mind about the outfit for SWKA show. I ended up wearing the parrot waistcoat, green trousers, green hat, green frock coat and one green boot and one orange. IT was just as well. The lighting in the show hall was awful and it turned my orange boot to baby shit yellow. Thank goodness I had changed my mind at the last minute!

I had a terrible night with pain and not sleeping well. My left hip started to seriously play up yesterday at the show and is now really quite bad. I can walk, just. I think I might have to sleep in the recliner chair tonight and until this wears off.

I knew I should not have. I took my sock knitting and instead of taking a simple one, I took my green no holes lace ones. Today I have had to rip back all the knitting I did yesterday! I really already know NOT to knit complicated stuff at shows, but I ignored my own knowledge. Bah!

I am assured that Carly will go back to normal once she has had her season. I hope so. I had already taken for a practice run around the ing and she met people and allowed them to touch her. She was okay being judged until she had to do her walk. Some idiot was sitting on the floor in ring, right where the dogs were suppose dot do their triangle. He was directly in Carly's line of sight and she balked and that was that. She refused to show herself after that. I think something might well have spooked her anyway, but really this man ought to have known better and I am rather annoyed the ring steward didn't tell him to move.

John and I have both been to the Dr, his. He got his meds sorted and we both had our 'flu jabs.

It's a sunny day, somewhat cool, about 10c (50f). Although I had thought about going for a lunchtime swim, I think I am better off just resting today.

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