Thursday, October 01, 2009


These are one of my favourite pairs to date. I really like the colourway, the stitch and the gauge. One of those pairs that are aesthetically very pleasing to me. My American friend Lia bought me the yarn as she rightly thought I would like the colours. She lives in an area of Germany named Baden-Wuerttemberg hence the name of these socks.
I knitted toe up using my Andersson Construction Method. My tools were 2 Knit Pro (Picks) circular needles, 2mm size. Each was knitted on it's own needle. I knitted 10 rows alternately so that I end with a pair and do not have to worry about second sock syndrome.
I used my Andersson Heel Mach II (revised). It is so simple and has a really nice line and finish to it.
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