Saturday, January 26, 2008

Reply To Anonymous

"You went to another pool in the past, and from your post of that experience you loved it. So, why are you still going to to the one place that treats you like dirt? Some might say that you just want to have something to complain about. Stop going there and start going to the other pool, even if it is further from the house. And if this comment causes anyone a problem here is my e-mail address:"

The only problem I have with this response is the unnecessary bitchy comment in the middle. It gives a strong hint of an unpleasant motive in writing the comment.

The other pool has several problems: it is 12 miles from home. I would have to be up at 4.45am every day to get there. The disabled changing room is at the back of the others. It is unheated. It has a shower that dribbles. The floor is unclean as well as the loo. Once I have changed, I have to negotiate my way away from the changing area, out into the hall, and thru the main gates again, all in the cold, as it is the only way that is not slippery and wet.

I was willing to go thru this just to have a stress free swim. Until my last swim there, as written about here on my blog, where a large man decided he wanted to swim in the lane I was using and he got belligerent and deliberately kept STANDING in my lane so I bumped into him. The guard stood and watched this happen, and even had a conversation with the man whilst he harassed me!

So BEFORE you decide to judge me and my motives, you ought to know the facts which are all here on my blog. You also ought to know me, which you clearly do not. Perhaps you could look to yourself and what is in you that makes you think that way and why you seem to think it better that people just put up with crap and keep quiet.
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