Monday, January 21, 2008

Resting More

I don't know if this drug has an accumulative effect, but I am feeling better with each day. I think this is in part due to the fact I am not stressing so much about it now. The drug started to work str8 away, so therefore I got less gut pain and grumbles and therefore I stopped being so upset by it and this in turn means I get less gut pain because I am not stressing so much!

This is the first evening I have spent in for months. I realised I was exhausting myself and need to take it easier. I think instead of just accepting I have been ill and still am but getting better, I have fought myself and made myself worse. You know, 'don't be a wimp, just get on with it' type of attitude. I know where that voice comes from and he can go to hell!

I have broken my recent rule about only knitting socks when I am out at a talk or something. I have this day been knitting up a sock out of the sock yarn I dyed myself. I really like it. I think this now means I have 4 second socks to least the Aran front is almost done.
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