Friday, January 18, 2008

Better Day

I am almost too scared to say so, but the Colofac for my IBS really seems to work. I am not totally at ease in my gut BUT I am feeling much better.

What is more I did I truly normal poo! I was so thrilled. I could have photographed it and framed it.

I have eaten without pain. That is good too.

I was very much calmer today.

The dog show was good to be at. I did as well with Micah as I expected to do under this judge-she threw him out unplaced! I had a feeling she would but as I had not shown under her before, I had to give her a go. It may well save me money to go with my gut feeling but I think it is always better to give a judge a chance and see. My feelings when it comes to my dogs are not accurate.(Meaning I can't foretell what will happen at a show!) If they were, there would be no fun in showing!

I was flattered by three different sets of people who all commented on the 40lb weight loss and what is more said I looked good and one woman even said I had better watch myself in her company I was looking so good! Now where is Daniel Craig....?
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