Sunday, January 13, 2008

A Different Voice

I am not who you think I am.

You say you are my image but your mind and actions show you believe that I am your image.

I do not forgive you. I have no need. I do not resent you. That you cannot conceive because you cannot forgive.

I do not judge. I do not punish. I do not condemn. I do not damn.

You do that.

You view the errors of others and cannot entertain the idea that I will not punish. You feel outrage and hurt and you suffer. You cannot conceive that I will not return like with like.

You have made me in your image.

You are part of me.

I created you.

How could you not be part of me?

Are you not a part of your physical creators?

You will never cease to exist.

You will always be.

You cannot be destroyed.

Eternity is not earned. You have it. It is your inheritance. It is your essence.

You think you have free will. Your will is only free in as far as you can choose. You can choose only as far as your knowledge allows. You can choose only as far as your hidden self allows. You act not just consciously but subconsciously. Your will is only as free as your subconscious allows.

Hence, your need to know yourself. To look within. There is where your answers lie.

Have faith. Have doubt. In your search for peace, for home, you must have both.

Do not be certain. Once you have certainty, you no longer have faith in a Power greater than yourself. Once you are certain, your mind is closed. A closed mind cannot be entered. Errors cannot be erased. And errors cause suffering.

Do not praise and worship me. What need do you think I have of these? Do you not think I know?

Do not please me. Please yourself. I am already more than pleased.

Do not fear me. Do not fear yourself. Suffering is born of fear.

Your physical body is but your vehicle for learning. It is not eternal. It is not perfect, as you are. It is susceptible to wear and tear and breaks down. It is how the material is. It is not the result of your errors. It is sensible to look after it but do not be fooled into believing that you can avoid it's demise. You cannot.

In your efforts to avoid suffering at all costs, to keep the physical forever, you create suffering.

The Power you seek is within you.

You are not separate from me. You never were and never will be.

You did not create you and you cannot destroy you.

Those you have loved and 'lost' are not gone. They are with you now. They hear you. They see you. They guide you. If you listen.

They are my messengers.

I speak not just to you and those you like and love but those you hate and despise too. Those you class as evil. Yes, they too are part of me. It is your refusal to to accept this that perpetuates suffering.

You desire for justice, for vengeance, for recompense, keeps you tethered to the place you do not want to be.

Your refusal to accept that I do not need payment for your errors keeps you in chains.

Your refusal to accept personal responsibility keeps you from the peace you seek.

Your fear of the Power within you keeps you weak.

The only way to Me is through You.

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