Tuesday, January 01, 2008


My best to one all for 2008.

Well, 07 ended weirdly for me. Having ignored my birthday, Xmas and New Year for many many years, I celebrated all three in 07.

On my birthday, we went out all day, had lunch in a restaurant and then to a Spiritualist service in the evening.

For Xmas we went to Germany and spent it with Lia and Lui and Diana and Jane and Gordon.

Last night, Phyllis and Marilyn invited us to a gathering at their place and despite having my doubts, we went and I really enjoyed it. It was alcohol free yet people still had fun. Not even John had a drink as he is on antibiotics. Oops, that makes it sound like John is always drinking-no but he would have had a glass of wine had it not been for the pills.We played charades. We got home here at 4am. I haven't been up that late for goodness knows how long.

O7 was a good year. Yes, it was shocking, those three months of trauma, but it was necessary. It cleared much junk out and I feel lighter not carrying it. The subconscious is a strange thing. So is life and how things really do seem 'manoeuvred' by some outside force in order for something needed to take place. Events and people lined up and as a result I ended up learning more and being set free. Whilst I do not care to repeat the experience, thank you very much, I do see clearly how it was all to my benefit.

There was an awful lot more to all of it than I wrote here. The happenings of a spiritual nature. My role in that. My mother's role in it. My own spiritual abilities. The life beyond this one. The Ultimate Power that certainly does touch us personally. I have been reticent to write of such things. The time is coming though when I shall share the spiritual side of all this.

After all, that is the very core of my story. It is the very core of me and of you. Spirit. It is what we are. Now and for all time. Not we become. What we ARE.
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