Sunday, October 28, 2007


A while back, almost two years I think, there was a lot of spite sent my way via a UK based knitting list. For a while I had comments sent to this blog wishing I'd get cancer and die or that someone would push me over a cliff in my wheelchair, or just generally name calling and telling me what a nasty piece of work I am. That sort of sick thing came from a very sad individual.

Now it is possibly starting up again on another of my lists. I could be being paranoid of course and the poster perhaps was referring to someone else but I recognize the name and the spiteful tone.

I don't know why, but in the UK people seem to resent people who are any good at anything. They don't get pleasure from seeing the work of others, not even if it's good., The reaction seems to be to want to do them down and be spiteful and envious.

It results in bad feeling, lies spread about, and even looking at archives which proves that the supposedly bad things said, do not exist!

(Meaning I was constantly accused of being rude and mean to other posters by a group of spiteful women. It ruined the list which has not been the same since and lost some of it's nicest members. A request to look at the archives for my mean posts resulted in more spite spewed forth. It died down cos I eventually shut up and stopped trying to defend myself and let them be the way they are. I now rarely comment on that list. There are some lovely people there and some people DO enjoy looking at my work and the work of others and say so privately but are careful what they say on list because they do not want these spiteful women to attack them.). It's all rather pathetic! It amazes me that people can behave in such a manner and not think about it.
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