Monday, October 22, 2007

Monday Morning

I slept right thru till I was woken by a cramp like pain in my tum which went as soon as I moved and got up. So it was positional. Which means I slept deeply and didn't move. I went back to sleep and got up at 6.30.

I went for my swim. The duty manager today was one I have had problems with, her attitude stinks. Anyway, she asked what I thought of the new facilities in the disabled room. I said, like I said to yesterday's staff, the room was a vast improvement, accessible now. The only error was that the new lockers, 2 lockers, were not suitable as they are coin operated. Well she looked at me with disgust basically. 'what's wrong with that?' I explained that many disabled people cannot use their hands properly thus trying to operate these lockers would not be feasible'
Her response: well all they have to do is come and ask for help.......
Yes, right, doesn't this woman realise that 1. it is painful for most of us to move and 2. why does she insist we need to be humiliated in order to have our right?
She went on and said: we can't please everyone.

My response was: we are only taking about the disabled facilities here and it isn't about pleasing....

I have been feeling emotional since I awoke and I think more tears will come today as they have threatened to already. I held back as I had to drive John to the station.

I thought about my dad and I wondered if he was dying right now. Has he been ill this last few weeks? I have no way of knowing. In 94 he had a tumour removed from his bowel, so I was told.

I thought about his possible manner of death and also about what may happen to him after his death. It was at this point I was overwhelmed by tears and I prayed aloud that he would not suffer either before or after his death. I didn't think about it. It just welled up in me and I sent the thoughts out spontaneously.
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