Saturday, October 20, 2007

Better Days

Yesterday was better. I went for a massage which I enjoyed very much. Today I feel rather sore!

I went for my flu jab this morning.

The puppies have all got open eyes now.

I very much appreciate the comments left by others. Only one spoiled their 'support' by their attitude. This person thinks the only reason I do not believe as they do about their religious belief is because I don't understand it. They also believe, arrogantly, that one day I will believe as they do.

This is fundamentalism. They put their own fear and belief above anything else and what sort of person, having truly read and understood my experience, would still come here with that attitude? A fundamentalist. I do not trust such people and do not believe they care for anything genuinely. Why? Because they believe that if they don't believe as they do, they will rot in hell and how can one trust any thing from them when it is so fear based?

It reminds me of a woman who was interviewed for a news program. She worked amongst the sick and dying and in Africa. she was asked why she did it. Her reply was was that 'she did it for the Lord Jesus'. In other words, I do it for myself because if I can prove I am good enough, I will not rot in hell. In other words, her attitude was one of selfishness, borne of fear. This is just so sad for me. It also makes me angry. I feel both feelings strongly. Really, had her answer been 'I do this because they are human beings and I really care about them and want to alleviate their suffering' it would have been right to think of her as special. Also, if you help people, but with an agenda, i.e. you want them to accept your beliefs, then your help is tainted and the results will not be as they could be.

If we truly care for others, we listen, we help, we care with no strings attached. We do not try to recruit them to our way of thinking. We are just there for them. Because we truly care for them and not because we think it will give us extra credit with the Boogie Man.(which to many their God is). If you feel you have to please your God in order to be safe, your have a Boogie Man as a God. And isn't there something about not having other god's before me?

The world is full of genuinely kind and compassionate people who love and care for other people. Many of these people are humanists, they have no god. Many of them have gods of various hues which they are not afraid of.

These people act out of love for themselves and for others-they don't act to please a despot god.

Well, that wasn't what I had intended to write this day.

Now I am off to shop.....

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