Thursday, October 25, 2007

Loving Support

I sent this email to a list but thought I'd copy it here as I don't have the energy right now to write a blog post and this says what I want to convey to you all who have been so supportive.

The loving support I have received from posters here has been much appreciated. It has touched me and surprised me. Please believe that at my darkest moments they have meant so much to me and have helped me heal. Sometimes I'd be just about ready to jump ship and an email would come that made my inner dam burst and as the tears flowed so I began to feel better. I think I am coming out the other side now.

It seems none of us know how we really do affect each other and how loving support can be felt thousands of miles away and thru a 'cold electronic medium'.

In the old days, I'd have suffered alone....
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