Thursday, October 04, 2007

Cheesed Off

I am not at all happy. John has gone off to Tallin, Estonia with no warning. Which means I am stuck here on my own this weekend. Can't go shopping or anything so just as well we have a full freezer. Oh okay, not that bad. If I need a few bits, I can do it on my own. I also get lonely when I am on my own at the weekend as well.

What I am really p'd off about is that Sunday is the Lhasa Apso Club's Championship show into which Micah and Shameless are entered. I cannot go as Luna needs 24 hr supervison right now, especially as her pups are likely to be here tomorrow night.

Of course, no one I have asked wishes to come and stay here for a few hours Sunday morning.
The judge for this show is almost 80 so I doubt very much if I shall get another opportunity to show under him.

Had another disturbed night with pain. I figured out it is muscle spasm in my rib cage. Figures as I have this condition there, which I can never remember the name of, which is inflammation of the muscles between the ribs. I almost always feel like someone has kicked my in the sternum. So that explains why the Protium doesn't stop it happening!

Things at the pool seem to have changed for the better.

I have almost finished a navy blue garter stitch sweater using the garter carriage.

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