Friday, May 22, 2009


I should be done with the custom dyed socks today,very nearly used up the yarn. I shall then go back to my yo cable socks using the Lorna's Lace Shepherd Sock. I shall try not to have several pairs on the go again as it seems to take forever to finish a pair.

My swim went well. That is 4 days this week and back up to my usual amount of laps. I am pleased with this as you might imagine. However, my ability to walk has lessened but I don't really care much about that.

Yesterday, I chose not to swim and I had a day of knitting and watching DVD's. I had planned to go to the Littleport service to see a medium whose work I respect. I debated whether or not I needed to take some drugs and in the end decided I would. Not long after I took them, the telephone rang. It was the President of the church asking me if I would fill in as the booked medium couldn't make it. I agreed. I know it is only a little thing, but I normally would not have bothered with the drugs. I also could not get either neighbour to put my wheelchair (manual) in the car for me as neither was in. If I go just to take part in the service, I take my wheelchair because I cannot sit in the normal chairs. The point of this is that 1. I had napped in the afternoon, 2. I had done nothing all day 3. I had taken drugs and 4. I didn't need the chair. You see, I was prepared to work that night even though I didn't know I was going to until the last minute. Funny how things work out.

We have a three day weekend this weekend. On Monday I have Bath Championship Dog Show to attend. The weather people say it is going to be dry and warm. This show is usually wet and muddy. Seems not this year which will make life easier.The judge is a new one to me.

I am going to wear my ecru jacket, Panda waistcoat ( it has Panda's all over it) and bow tie, green trousers and the green with flowers on Docs. Topped off with a Panama.
All of these were taken at Budapest Zoo.


Iris said...

As the teenage girls say, "Squeeeeeeeee! Pandas!" I love pandas. Will you post a pic?

I'm happy to hear you're feeling pretty well.

anachronist said...

I am inclined to say 'squee camelids with lots of winter fur they are shedding' I would so love to spin into fluffy rather warm threads :-)

I can not wait to see a picture how the dye job turned out :-)

Will I be rewarded tomorrow?

joannamauselina said...

Camels sure are funny looking. Nice pictures (as usual.)

Indigo said...

Indigo Incarnates

those are some really adorable critters. I've always liked llamas and alpacas.

Lia Nord said...

The second camel down (the white one) looks a bit like Percy, the "retarded" cat, don't you think? (But don't tell Lui that.)