Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I enjoyed seeing the other persons' Lhasa Apso yesterday. I particularly liked a male, his nephew and his sister.

I have had two good days so far and today seems to be going that way too. I had another normal swim today. The first time for months that I have managed that two days running.

I am going to have to get help from a professional form filler for this bloody disability form. It is so complicated and weird. I am sure it is designed so that few people will go through with it.


Anonymous said...

The Citizens' Advice Bureau are usually excellent.
Is there not a number on the form to ring the DWP for their help in filling it in??

Anonymous said...

What kind of training does a professional form filler get? This is amazing. I also can't believe the kinds of questions they ask.

joannamauselina said...

Glad you had a good day and enjoyed the doggies. I am sure you are right about the dreadful forms. They are beyond even people with advanced university degrees, and the purpose must surely be to discourage folks. It is good that you have professional form fillers. I never heard of such a thing, except for professional tax form fillers. I have one of them do my taxes every year.

Anonymous said...

We had help when Amy was ill, there are special social workers trained and paid for by certain charities to help people with cancer.

I suspect there are people out there that you can get help from. The advice we were always given was always fill out the form for one of your worst days.

Because that's the day you will need all the help you asking for.

rottweilsteve said...

Besides getting someone else to fill the form in (preferably a social worker who knows you), it's also important to fill the form in bearing in mind the worst a day can be - paint the picture as grim as it can be. It's difficult to do something like that by yourself, as our natural tendency is to say "I manage". It's the spoons theory all over again... BTW, People I've shown the theory to have been blown away by it.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you about forms. I'm an intelligent person, but I often find myself form disabled. Some forms are so badly designed that only the designer really knows what information is requested.