Tuesday, May 05, 2009


John saved me this advert from one of the Sunday supplements. So the picture is much bigger. However, it is a truly beautiful photograph of a beautiful man, David Beckham. (he and Hugh Jackman are the only two men I can think of that I would describe as beautiful.)

It is one of a series of ads for Armani underwear. I am glad they left his hair on his body(he's a man after all) and have hidden most of the tattoos. (I dislike tattoos and wonder why when he is so beautiful he defaced himself. I think the art of the tattoo is amazing, just not on a body.)

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Yarnhog said...

This the the first picture of David Beckham I've ever looked at (yes, I'm American, why do you ask?), and may I just say, thank you so much for sharing! I totally agree with you about Hugh Jackman, by the way. I'd pay money just to watch him stand there and breathe. Don't...um...mention that to my husband. He thinks I really like "X-Men."