Thursday, May 07, 2009


DUH! As I was swimming today, and I began to hurt, I thought to myself that this may be the time to stop swimming and not push myself thru it. I asked one of my fellow swimmers who is a nurse and she agreed that if I am starting to feel pain, and I have taken 100mg Tramadol and 1000mg of Paracetamol, then my body was telling me to stop! Perhaps this will mean I can go back to daily swimming. At least one good thing is that the pain in my arms and shoulders has abated this last few days and I am just experiencing the usual.

CASHMERE. I have knitted up two swatches. One in violet and the other in orange. Both are going to be for me. Round neck, set in sleeves, plain.

SOCKS. Well I frogged the pattern I designed yesterday after all! It will work well on a plain coloured yarn, but not on the multicoloured yarn I am using. I think when it comes to these yarns, I will stick to ribbing.

I mentioned how bored I was with knitting ribs for socks on the knitting lists. I was astonished at the amount of people who wrote in suggesting.....ribs!!!!!!!! Still, at least they were kind to write with a suggestion.

Today is sock wash day as I have one clean pair left. All I have to do now is put them all in pairs on the drying stand thing I use. Clothes horse? I think that is what it is called.

This is a toilet. It is sitting on top of a brick chute. From the ground, I had thought it was some sort of ancient lifting mechanism until John told me it was the toilet chute. The King or whoever, sat in there over the chute and let it go!


Iris said...

OK. No ribs! I like to use slip stitch patterns with multicolor yarns. The sock yarn I posted on my blog as a scarf recently wasn't looking so good in person, so I frogged it. I'm making Monkey out of them. I've had the same success with things like broken and mistake rib and, also, cables with multicolor. Just a thought.

I envy your speed with socks!

Anonymous said...

In America, at least, clothes horse is what you are called!! Jane

joannamauselina said...

That toilet looks pretty airy. Especially in the winter. I love it.

Claudia said...

Have you ever blogged about how you wash and dry those socks? If not, can you talk about it? What is the drying stand thing you use?

I was thinking of washing all of my socks in a laundry bag so they don't get separated. What's your thought on that?

Lia Nord said...

Oh, shucks, Colin, I thought the first photo (of the formal garden) was how you and John had redone the back yard. Then I realized it was Buda!

Lui's been working hard on cutting down some of our wilder trees so our garden will look a little less like a jungle. It's sort of a hopeless job, but we've got to do something!

=Tamar said...

They used to call that kind of toilet a garderobe. They hung the heavy winter robes in there, because the stink kept the moths away - it guarded the robes.

The folding thing with horizontal rungs? To me it's a drying rack.

I have a vague idea that a clothes horse is an upright stand that combines a trouser press and a coat hanger, to hold your suit at night when you intend to wear it again the next day. I could be totally wrong.