Friday, May 15, 2009


Last night's service went very well. Although I had my doubts about it, I did wear my Sherwani, with the long silk scarf too. It went down well. I know it looked good and not over the top because three str8 men complimented me on it!

The evidence I received to give to others was amazing. One of the communicators told me he rode a Kawasaki 750 and that was correct. He told me how he died, an aneurysm in his head,and then he showed me a haystack. The woman exclaimed and got all hot and bothered!There were others who received good evidence but this one sticks in my mind.

I did go for a swim this morning. I stopped when my body felt tired instead of pushing myself onwards.

The new mixture to get my gut working hasn't worked yet. I took the third dose this morning. It is a powder I have to dissolve in water. Hopefully it'll work soon as I am beginning to feel uncomfortable and bloated.

I only have a few rounds of each sock left to knit now. This is with the Lorna's Lace Shepherd Sock Multi.

More Buda below.

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Wendie said...

Hi Colin
thankyou for a really great night last night with your mediumship. The evidence was fantastic and so many people have been in touch today really impressed and of course, all of us would love to have known more about the haystack!!! Newcomers from last night were obviously impresed also as they have been in touch today for Supper tickets so you sure proved survival to them.
You looked wonderful in your outfit, really liked it.
Wendie x