Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I didn't write about the fire two week ago.

We were sitting indoors and the dogs were in the garden when we suddenly heard the puppies screaming. I rushed out to be met with flames over 20 feet high and lots and lots of smoke, so much that one could hardly see the dogs. They of course were terrified. I immediately called 999 and the fire brigade.

Our neighbour had set light to a bonfire, on a very windy day, right next to out fencing and hedgerow. The whole lot went up. It was very scary. It was so close to the house and with the wind....

Anyway, the fire engines duly arrived, all was made safe, and we settled down, dogs included.

So I thought.

James has been traumatised by it. He is scared when out now. Whether on his own or with the adults. He huddles by the back door if it's windy and when I take him for walks, he has his tail down, though he appears to want to go for the walk and does not struggle on the lead or seem reticent at all. He does survey his surroundings all the time and is skittish.

Prior to the fire, he was bold and fearless and at show training people remarked on how well he showed himself. I have no idea if he will come back to himself or not.

Even I was scared of that fire. It was loud, the flames were 20ft or so high, the house filled with smoke. Almost a nightmare come true.

Yesterday's show was enjoyable. Whitney was 5th in her class. I enjoyed chatting with people and also watching the judging which I did to the end. To say it was very interesting is an understatement.

I have come to the conclusion that it is best to say nothing here or at the shows about judging goings on. Why? Because it detracts from those who did well. No matter what I think of the judging, it should remain private.

In the end, most of those not placed or not placed highly enough will think the judge was crooked, stupid, ignorant or past it. Very few of us just accept it or heaven forbid, think there was better dog there. Best keep quiet.
I had people complain to me about the judging the day Whitney won Best of Breed, and those moaning to me always added-she was right about your girl though! As if that made it alright to diss the judging to me!

Surprisingly, there are many opportunities for growth, both spiritually and personally at shows if we but be aware.

As usual, I felt really okay when I got home yesterday(drugs) and I had plans for today. Waking up this morning and struggling to get put of bed, I knew my plans were unrealistic and I am going to do nothing. Not that I have a choice really.

My driving finger, the middle one on my right hand,(think about it) is a nice shade of purple black, right down to the root and part way into the top of my hand. It is better today than yesterday. It rather frightened me when I saw it because I thought it might be about to drop off or something. Anyway, I went to the Dr on the show ground. He knew immediately that I had arthritis and CHD, that I take blood thinners, and heavy duty painkillers. Why? Well my knuckles are bigger than they ought to be, the purple black is blood and therefore I bleed easily and I must take heavy pain killers because I was unaware that I had hurt myself which I must have done because the finger was rather swollen, purple black, and not bendable yet didn't hurt a jot. Still it looks quite good though today it is looking more pinky brown with yellow edges.

Back to dog showing. I have been really pleasantly surprised at the congratulations and cards I have received from people for Whitney's big win.

I am even more surprised at how many people, strangers, come up to me just to tell me how well dressed they think I am. They say things like how lovely it is to see such a colourful charcater at the shows again, how I brighten their day. Me? I am gob smacked that is such a big deal and that people are kind enough to tell me so. At the last show this silver haired lady stopped me, looked me up and down, and said: You look splendid. I was expecting to be told off!

People are constantly surprising me. I surprise myself. How did I go from black, brown, beige track suits to this? I would never have pictured myself like I am today.

Oh and on one of my sock lists, a lady has taken umbridge. I am so sad to see her go.(and I already slapped myself so you don't have to.)


Susan said...

Oh poor wee James. I hope he comes around. Fire terrifies me also.
I think that it is wonderful that in this day and time of rush rush and criticize that individuals take the time to comment favourably on your appearance. It is a pleasure to see someone take pride in their "sartorial excellence." In our laid back
(lazy) society people don't seem to "dress up" anymore and it is a real shame.

Siani said...

Poor James - I hope he forgets it all soon, and bounces back. I was mugged at knifepoint three months ago, whilst walking Jake, my little Lhasa/Shih Tzu mix. He still gets a bit skittish at the spot where it happened. He also growls at anyone who approaches us at that spot. But he's much better than he was. Hopefully, your little guy will start to forget too, as new experiences come into his life, and replace the bad memories. Please keep us posted on how he gets on.

Iris said...

Showing dogs is like having children. Most parents think their children are great. Now, they may get angry at their children, or they may think their children could do more, but that's THEIR thoughts. They don't like it when other people criticize them. It's so much that way with animal showing. Naturally, we think our animals are best. If we didn't, we wouldn't be showing them. It's just too easy to remember that we're all in the same boat!

I'm so sorry little James is upset. Poor pup. I hope your neighbor, at least, apologized to you for the fright. He or she will probably never understand the damage that might be done, though.

And, about your clothes: I love them. I don't see why men have to dress in such drab and unimaginative clothing. It wasn't always so. I'm glad to see you are "bucking the trend."

anachronist said...

Oh dear, poor pup, they have such a good sense of smell, too, so the fire must have really stung their noses.

As the others have said already, I hope they soon will learn that fire is not going to happen soon again.

I know what it feels like, being in a fire, so I dont blame him for being skittish.

It is cool to have people make nice comments on great clothing.

I love the waistcoats on men, and the fancier overcoats, too. Makes me almost wanting to be of the 'male persuasion' myself, since women usually have seemingly more uncomfortable clothes to 'look great' and are expected to wear makeup and such.
I am not into that, so seem to be at a loss.

Whiney day for me today, not doing well on the allergy front, and hope it will get better, soon.

Please take care of yourself, not hurting unintentionally and blasting any more blood vessles.

fairy godmother said...

I am so sorry that James has been upset by the fire. We see that alot here, people not paying attention to lighting things on fire. Jim was a firefighter before teaching, and he saw too many fires started by stupidity!

FuguesStateKnits said...

You poor darlings! Thank God you are all OK! That was one close call. Poor James!
I am glad that you went to see the doc right away about your finger. Yikes - that must be so weird, not knowing how or when you hurt it, but hurt it you must have done!
By the way, I am so glad that you are looking as splendid on the outside as you are undoubtedly on the inside! Watch for an e-mail:)

Nan said...

How awful! That fire must have been truly scary for you all. And poor, poor James! I hope he's back to his usual self soon.