Monday, May 18, 2009


Last evening's service went very well. It was an opportunity for me to develop my tolerance levels. Twins come to this service and they are 'special'. They can be quite talkative and distracting. I had to ask them to be quiet several times and I managed to so without getting snappy. They aren't so special that they don't know they need to be quiet. They tend to be 'message grabbers', meaning they think ever word spoken is for them.

The forms I have to fill in are proving truly vexing. 'How many times do you go to the toilet in a day and how many minutes do you take to do so?'. Most of the questions are like this one. If I am not disabled now, I certainly will be by the time this damned form is completed.

I am going to visit another Lhasa Apso breeder today and I will take Whitney, James, Bridget and Carly with me.

I managed a swim today. Yesterday was okay pain wise. Quite why Saturday was so bad pain wise I don't know, but that is just the way it goes.

This is the tunnel that one drives thru to get into Buda. There is then a bridge (more than one) which goes over the Danube into Pest. In case you don't know, Budapest was two towns, Buda and Pest that have been amalgamated into one city.
Now his is a bit more butch don't you think?
This is a Lada, an old Russian car. Here in the UK it was called a Lada Riva as Lada used to sell here in the 80's because they were cheap and reliable, though ugly. My first brand new car was a Lada Samara. The car above might be a Trabant but it certainly looks like a Lada Riva to me.
This one tries hard but ends up looking like a man trying to look butch.(above)


Yarnhog said...

That Russian car really takes me back. I spent a couple of years in Moscow; at that time, the ubiquitous car was the "Zhiguli," which looked a lot like that.

By the way, I dreamed about you last night. (No, not that sort of dream!) I dreamed I met you in person and we became great friends--but I was surprised by your voice, because it wasn't what I had imagined. Odd, huh?

Anonymous said...

I just love your pictures. I've always wanted to visit Budhapest.