Friday, May 01, 2009


These photographs are all Buda. Some are views from Pest of Buda and the others are views of Pest from Buda or they are in Buda up on the hill where the President's Office is. It is here that I held up the Presidential Motorcade whilst they waited for me to cross the road. I do not think I shall forget that.

View from Buda of Pest
View from Buda of Pest
View of Buda from Buda.
Up on the hill in Buda.
View of Buda from Pest
View of Buda from Pest. The river is the Danube.
View of Buda from Pest.

I am not feeling too bright today. I have not gone swimming. I slept longer planning to go swimming an hour or so later. However, I have acceded to my body's request that I don't. I am not happy. It seems the days of me being able to swim daily have gone. I find I really have to limit myself more so now than a few months ago. Swimming used to be the one thing I could do without pain. Not so now and hasn't been since about October. Although painkillers will help me swim, they do nothing for the fatigue and it is this that stops me swimming daily. Damn. I know this is a progressive disease but I really thought that by eating right, exercising right and losing the weight, I'd be able to stave it off for much longer than this. It has spread to include my arms and shoulder sockets. Yes, they have always been painful at times but briefly. Now they hurt most of the time like my back, hips and legs do and I can't use them to propel myself in a manual wheelchair any more.
I am usually successful at not thinking beyond today but I am worried that at this rate it might not be long before I can't show my dogs. Perhaps I am wrong and flares can last a long time before once again improving. I do know that the severe neck and arm pain that seems like a heart attack but is not, hasn't bothered me for quite some time.

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