Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Okay, these are not paid people. They are volunteers who are trained to fill out these forms. They understand them and know what is expected in order for the claim to be successful.

And yes, we do have to fill it in from the 'worst day' point of view. I have had a successful claim for the last 5 years but now it is up for renewal. The experts view is I ought to be on it for life, not 3 yearly stages, as I have a progressive problem that will only get worse not better and I am certainly worse now overall. Just the example of not being able to propel myself in the manual wheelchair shows that. Also, now if I go out and do stuff Monday, I stay in Tuesday. Even a trip to the mall in Daniel with John and I am exhausted and do nothing the following day. I am not complaining, just showing how it is. Of course my 'nothing' is filled with the pc and knitting and watching dvd's and talking soft to the dogs who adore me and lap up every word.....Seriously, without the net, my life would be very very much poorer and maybe unbearable. It gives me the 'people time' I need on my times and I don';t have to get out of my pyjama's or shave or anything. I don't have to try, I can just be.

re morphine-I took it tonight. It really does stop it all, including the hands. But I couldn't drive or go out. My doc says I could if I took it regularly as I would become accustomed to it but neither of us want me to do that until I really really need to.


Iris said...

I think you are being prudent to wait until you absolutely must to use the morphine regularly. Smart fellows!

fairy godmother said...

I hope that the form filler is able to assist you to finish that up. How many pages is the form? It sounds so detailed that it's ridiculous!

Anonymous said...

Last one we filled out was at least 25 pages... it really is a sneaky way of getting people not to claim.

AM willing you on to the end of the form.... can you feel the positive form filling energies heading your way... might take a while though especially if there is traffic on the A14! ;)