Thursday, May 21, 2009


We live in strange times. People seem to think we have an innate human right to live. We do not. Those of us alive are lucky, though even that is completely subjective. We do have the right to live without others interfering either in the quality or ending it, but we do not have the right to life itself. Also, it seems common now for people to say that children dying before their parents is outside the natural order. what planet have these people been living on? Did they never go to school? Ever heard of history? It is only in recent times that children could be expected live beyond childhood. Most died before their parents.

It seems that denial has become the drug of choice. We deny that we can get ill and die. We deny that we might get killed in accident. We deny, deny, deny. And we also have this arrogant assumption that it is unfair if we do not live forever or at least until our 90's well and then to die in our sleep. We are so into denial that people, doctors included, blame us for our ills and our deaths. If you die then it is your fault. It is because you ate the wrong foods, smoked, drank coffee or didn't, drank tea or didn't, exercised too little or too much. Whatever you die of, it was your fault. And heaven forbid your thinking is so negative that not only do you get cancer but if you die from it, it is your fault because you did not do your visualization exercises, you harboured resentments, your thinking was too negative. In short it was YOUR FAULT for not being good enough. we all know that bad things only happen to bad people right? Be good, be nice, say your prayers accept Jesus into your life and nothing bad will happen to you. If it does, well then you are a liar aren't you? You couldn't possibly have been a good person.

Oh speaking of life and death, how can any country still call itself civilised and still kill people by law? Capital Punishment is an evil that only adds to the evil. It does nothing for the good. It is state controlled vengeance. Funny how it's supporters also insist they have the right to tell a woman that she must stay pregnant when she wishes not to. It is not their business and is only the business of the woman who is pregnant. As unpalatable as abortion is, the only person who has any say in the matter is the woman who is pregnant. So what if we don't like abortion, if we think it is murder, we do not have the right to force another human being to live according to our idea. I think TV evangelism is evil but I don't have the right to stop it or force others to think as I do.

We do need to protect the born. they have a right to not be corrupted by us. We corrupt them on a daily basis. By teaching them the lie about being good and nothing bad will happen. By indoctrinating them with religion under the guise of 'saving' them when in fact we are merely controlling how they think and corrupting their ability to think. By moulding them into what we want them to be, into how a boy should be, how a girl should be, instead if just letting our children be. Far from that resulting in anarchy and a world populated with out of control self centred people,it would produce the opposite. In fact the world is already populated by self centred out of control people. So much for our efforts at control!

If only we truly trusted that babies can grow into loving, empathetic adults because that is what is in them. Instead we start with the premise that babies harbour evil that must be vanquished or controlled. Far from babies being tainted by Original Sin, the Original Sin is believing that they are sinful in the beginning. How sad and yet ridiculous.

I finished watching the entire second series of Brothers and Sisters and am now watching series 4 of Grey's Anatomy. I have the first series of the spin off from this series but can't recall what it is called! I then have Primeval to watch and Spooks Code 9.

I am awaiting the 5th series of Desperate Housewives. I did not find out it was on TV until it had been on for weeks so have waited for the DVD. There are so many channels and they swap and change dates and times so that it is hard to keep track. At least with DVD I do not have to watch bloody ads. We are becoming, though not quite, like the USA with the ads. When I was there in 97 I was appalled at the TV and the ads. How on earth does anyone manage to follow or concentrate? And no warning either. One minute Bobby Ewing was talking and the next someone was yelling excitedly about a toilet cleaner. I hope we don't go that far.

I have almost completed a stocking stitch pair of socks using a yarn that was custom dyed for me by my German friend, Nana. I really like these and the way the colour has distributed.

I was in bed and asleep by 10.15pm last night, I awoke with the alarm at 5am and knew I wasn't going to get up and go swimming. I thought I would go later but did not awake again until 7am.Then I had much trouble just trying to get out of bed. So today I have the hump. I took my normal heart drugs and pain killers but they not done a complete job. Not enough to resort to morphine and anyway I can't until a minimum of 4 hours after the others. I will do nothing today.

The photographs are all on the Pest side of the Danube.


Nan said...

The really interesting thing here in the U.S. is that the highest rates of divorce, child abuse and abortion occur in the so-called Bible Belt states (the South). They are also the states that execute the most prisoners. (Capital punishment here is determined by the individual states. About half of the states have it and half do not.) So much for being holier than thou.

I think folks can believe whatever they like, just don't try to impose whatever it is on other people. And for goodness sakes, they should stop trying to codify their beliefs into civil law.

Iris said...

You have no idea how much your photos make me want to travel to Europe!

I feel much the way you do about the death penalty, but that being said, if someone had hurt my son badly (abused him, killed him, damaged him seriously) and I knew it for sure or saw it and if I could get my hands on that person, there would have been no need for the death penalty. The deed would have been done. Ah, the joys of insanity, temporary or otherwise.