Sunday, May 03, 2009


We were out most of yesterday. Did a huge grocery shop at Morrisson's , by far the best supermarket but is 28 miles form here. However, we decided yesterday to make this a regular monthly trip and only use Tesco's for the essentials in the meantime. We have enough freezer space, one as part of the fridge and another dedicate done upstairs.

The we went to Springfield's because John needed new suits for work. He only wears double breasted but they seem to be like hen's teeth so he ended up with two ordinary ones which he is happy with. Also bought shirts and I bought one winged collar one for my dog shows. Oh, and I also bought some pink sailing trousers. The saleswoman tried to sell me baby pastel pink. Ick!

We bought some crockery. Even John did! I like to collect coffee cups or tea cups. Never more than £5 each because I don't have good grip any more and I drop things easily.

We saw a fabulous vase and though it cost a small fortune, we bought it. It really is nice. I am going to photograph this and my cups and stuff later. ( I think I will photograph the stuff I bought in Austria and Hungary too.)

Oh and the photographs on this post? Well, they are Kickers and they just sort of arrived after I accidentally clicked on 'buy it now'. (I told you, my hands lack dexterity now. This happened at least twice more too but I have not seen the result yet.)

I did not go swimming today. I intended to but just couldn't get up at the required time. Probably just as well as I have a church service to take today.

Below is my Brother 940 with the garter carriage on it, knitting the orange garter stitch design you can see.


Angela said...

You do like your shopping don't you Colin? Well why not, is what i say. Love the shoes by the way, my sister has a love of shoes so i understand the attraction.

Claudia said...

That vase is so gorgeous! I can see why you had to buy it! Love the shoes, too!!!! Can't wait to see everything else! :)

marilyn said...

Lovely stuff, Colin.
The vase looks like Poole Pottery-is it?
Marilyn xx