Tuesday, May 05, 2009


Much to my surprise I did my swim the way I am used to this morning. More or less pain free. yes I had taken meds but this last few months even with the meds, the pain stopped me 1. doing as much and 2. as often. So I am really pleased.

I have also been wondering if the reason I don't want to get up in the morning is because I have been making myself not have a nap in the afternoons. I had a nap yesterday afternoon and I had no trouble getting up this morning. Well, only the usual physically getting up, not waking up. I have been waking groggy and really feeling like I must sleep more.

I am almost done with the Cooper socks. Nothing fancy, just a 3x3 rib but in a lovely colourway called Poison Apple. I'll blog them later.

My service went really well on Sunday. Two new ladies, both in their 80's, in fact may have been in her 90's. By new I mean they had never seen a medium work before. Both of them received communication from their husbands and the evidence they gave was really good. Both were somewhat taken aback and not sure how to respond. I told them they didn't have to. I had done my job and they could now think about it and decide for themselves what it meant. I think they were pleased with that.

They had camp men back then obviously.


Anonymous said...

Such wonderful photographs - thanks for sharing them.

Iris said...

Camp men? Oh, yes! BUT - instead of dressing up, the dressed down, obviously. Nice legs, huh?

marilyn said...

Lovely 'photos, Colin.
Only one thing missing from the pics of the men.......no DMs or Kickers!!
Speak soon-so glad that you enjoyed your swim-best you have a little zzzz each afternoon.
Marilyn x

joannamauselina said...

They are camp men!
I think there is little better than a nap. I love them. Go for it! All those Latins can't be wrong.

Claudia said...

Your photos are just some of the reasons I miss Europe so much. Gorgeous photos. Thank you.