Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Yes, a new word. According to BBC NEWS 24, this is what they have named the conservation of fuel method I use.

I have taken to driving most of the time at no more than 45 mph. I have no need to hurry. This gives me a whopping 72MPG or 16MPL!!!!!!! As diesel is now 1.35 per litre, I am saving a lot of money each week.

I took pain meds on top of my normal drugs this morning. I swam and I walked the dogs. Whilst the walking and swimming was with reduced pain, it was not without fatigue. By the time I had got home from the last short walk, I could just about put one leg in front of the other.

So, yes, I am letting up a bit and taking more pain meds. However, even though this means less pain it doesn't mean I can do more! I get so tired easily. Still, it's better than knackered and in pain.

I had to bath the litter yesterday, all 6 of the little dears! Mum is not so good at keeping them clean. They were surprising ly well behaved, especially when being blow dried.

I have another long distance show on Friday, 4 hours there and probably 5-6 back. I am going with Angie again. We put all her stuff and dogs in my car too and we go together. Not only is it better to have company but it saves both of us fuel. We plan to do this fro all our shows. It not only saves me money but teaches me patience and tolerance. Even though I have a sat nav(GPS), I still get told which way I should be going.......

Oh, Micah and Whitney both got 4th's at the last show. Better than I expected under that judge.
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