Monday, July 28, 2008


The weather is now warm. It is like summer. Yet it is of course too hot and humid! Mid 80's and very sticky. Oh well!

Yesterday's show went well. Micah was 3rd in his class and Whitney won hers despite slipping her lead and running off! It was very hot by the time it was her turn and I think she just flipped a bit when the lead left her neck. It didn't help that too many people called her name and tried to get her instead of leaving me to get her. Natural that they would try and help of course.

When I arrived at the show, I was the first as usual in my breed. There was a food wagon at one end of the grooming area and the post that held the mark off rope was next to it. I moved this post enough so I could get in, figuring I would be out of anyone's way and not have to keep getting up, which hurts. Well, this woman took it upon herself to go and complain to the management that I was blocking the entrance! Not only did she not have the manners and intelligence to ask me to move, she didn't even know where the entrance was. She was one of these self centred people who just wanted everything her way. I get really quite annoyed at this sort of crap. Needless to say, management came and asked me to move!

I fell asleep about 9pm last night and awoke at 7.15am this morning! Most unusual. Interestingly, I had an old nightmare again, one which I have had many times and it always leaves me feeling dreadful. This time though it seems I may have resolved the issue in the dream. Time will tell. I hope so because I really hate this dream and it takes a while of me being awake before I can convince myself the events of the dream are not real.

My ability to sense stuff for others is fairly good. However, to sense it for myself is another matter entirely. Yet the last two shows that I have done well at, I had a certain feeling before I went. Quite a different feeling to the one I had at the shows I did not do well at. It may be coincidence. I shall have to wait and see. Both times the feeling just arrived with the thought of going to show, suddenly. It didn't come as a result of thinking about it.

Maybe it's the heat but I am in more pain and feel weaker since it warmed up.

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