Monday, July 07, 2008

Low carb Nonsense

According to some health professionals, Doctors to be precise(not mine), really make me wonder how they managed to pass out of school let alone become dr's.

Low Carb is bad for you they say and the only weight you lose is water. Oh, so I was carrying around 112lbs of water?

If Low Carb was bad for us, the human race would not be here. That is all we had for 0000's of years.

The most vociferous anti low carbers have another agenda-they are vegan or veggy or cereal producers or in their thrall.

I went low carb initially because I was fed up being sick all the time, feeling hungry all the time, havering bad guts all the time, spending so much time on the loo. As soon as I went Low Carb all of that stopped! The weight came off as a side effect and very pleased I am too. However, most importantly, I am stable now, no bloat, no constant hunger, no having to sit on the loo many times a day.

112lbs of water? F**k off!
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