Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Summer Rain

Today is novel. Rain. More rain. Still no sign of summer. I went and did my 80 laps, more slowly than usual. i found it hard going today though not painful, just hard. My left arm went numb again. No need of pain meds though today-so far.

Why do puppies and pee and poo the minute you change their paper? They still have not really got into eating solids. Mum is only feeding them twice a day and sleeps on her own at night so any day they ought to get the message. Two of them wagged their tails at me yesterday and one of them had a grumble. I have people coming to the dogs today with a view to maybe being allowed to buy one of the pups.

I noticed today that my hands have not been hurting. Now I know that it isn't knitting related. Why? Well I have been doing my aran for hours at a time and it is hard work, a fairly tight gauge and lots of cabling and twisting. Still no pain. So it is the RA/OA that causes it and my keeping my fingers agile by knitting is the right thing to do and not the cause of the problem.

I am about to start a machine knit using the garter carriage. The yarn is cashmere/silk/merino Oxford grey.

Lastly, I have to attend a dental appointment at 11am. What joy.

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